The 2009-2010 Southeast Division Champions

With the Columbus Blue Jackets battling their way to a 2-1 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers, the Caps have clinched the Southeast Division title with 15 games remaining in the season. That’s nice, but we’re at a point with this team where we/they are too focused on the ultimate prize to really spend a lot of time patting ourselves/themselves on the back for clinching the division. There’s a reason why they didn’t pass out replica SE Division Champions banners in the home opener this year (like they did 2 seasons ago)… It would take a pretty monumental collapse for the Caps to lose the 1st seed in the conference, especially given their remaining schedule, but hockey’s a crazy game. From here on out the Caps really need to start tightening up their inefficiencies (*ahem* penalty killing), and establish a #1 goaltender for the playoffs, while hopefully staying completely healthy.

-Shoutout to Brian Pothier for icing Pittsburgh in OT tonight… atta boy Pottsy


2 responses to “The 2009-2010 Southeast Division Champions

  1. agreed about PK and #1 goalie.
    no champagne for the boys today. save that for June. it will be interesting to see if Boudreau starts keeping the same lines from here on out, something else that also needs to get settled.

  2. Had I not read the article, the pics you pick say it all.

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