ESPN Players Poll

Straight out of the “Tell us something we don’t know” file, Alex Ovechkin was named the best player in the NHL by 64% of players polled. That figure jumps up to 73% of players who picked either Crosby or Ovechkin, which should serve as a further reminder to Pittsburgh fans everywhere that Crosby can’t hold Ovechkin’s jock. Here are the results:

1. Alex Ovechkin, Washington: 64 percent
2. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh: 24 percent
T3. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh; Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit: 4 percent
T5. Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit; Joe Thornton, San Jose: 2 percent

Other funny/interesting notes

-“Who has the hottest spouse?” which goes to Mike Fisher, who’s currently dating Carrie Underwood. Surprisingly, Sidney Crosby received some votes, due to his romantic link with Evgeni Malkin.*

-Bruce Boudreau was tied in 2nd place with Pittsburgh coach Dany Bylsma for smartest coach (with 16% a piece, behind Mike Babcock)

-The Verizon Center received 8% of the vote (T4th) for the “Worst Ice” honor. Give these guys some good ice (hopefully now that Ted Leonsis will own the Verizon Center), and you may see a boost in production.

-Chris Pronger checked in atop the “Dirtiest player” leaderboard with 22% Sean Avery coming in 2nd with 12% wasn’t a big surprise, but Ovechkin tying for 3rd “for his grabbing and hitting from behind” certainly elicited a “wtf?” reaction.

-Derek Boogard was voted as the best fighter in the league. Matt Bradley was inexplicably absent.

-Kerry Fraser was voted as the best referee, while Stephane Auger took home the “Worst Referee” title. An unnamed Eastern Conference center had this to say about Auger (aka Bert): “He’s terrible at everything. Nobody likes him.”

-The Capitals received only 14% of the vote when the players were asked “Who will win the Stanley Cup this year?” Behind Chicago (32%), Pittsburgh, and San Jose (both with 16%). The Penguins don’t have a win in 10 games against the Caps and Devils this year, but continue to be overrated by almost everybody, based on some “you have to beat the champions”, and “they just know how to win” fairy dust nonsense. They’ll be bounced in the 2nd round this year, bank on it.

*That may or may not have happened

-Nasty Nate


One response to “ESPN Players Poll

  1. at this point, the caps should be equal favorites with san jose, chicago and pittsburgh. chicago and san jose have questions marks as goal, as perhaps do we only b/c of Theo’s playoff performance last year. pittsburgh has question marks on defense as far as i’m concerned. in the east, you have to be worried about the devils who no one is talking about and the flyers can be dangerous in 7 games. i really don’t want to play them in the 1st round.

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