Time to nut up or shut up

That’s all there is to it. Just win.


5 responses to “Time to nut up or shut up

  1. No doubt. Theme song for the day has been All I do is Win by DJ Kahled..song is tight

    – I think we go with Varly but on a short leash. If we go down 2 goals then he gets pulled for Theo.
    – Get off to an early lead
    – I kind of want to see Alzner play with Carlson but I dont see that happening.
    – Bench Flash for Walker..again I dont see that happening.
    – Keep Backstrom with Ovie and stop putting so much emphasis on Semin. He either scores or he doesnt, we have other players to get the job done.
    – Move on the powerplay instead of standing around waiting for something happen.

    And we will hear “Nothin’ but a good time”

  2. And thats why crosby is a better player.
    looks like ovi didnt NUT UP.

    enjoy watching the rest of the playoffs.

  3. Bet Dan Snead feels like a real horses ass today. Hows that Croby dick taste now pal? Way to NUT UP yourself. Looked like a little bitch all series….


  4. Now stay the F off our site Shitsburgh fools…

  5. Just caught a glimpse of Mr. Snead. Hey Dean, Why is Crosby a better player again? Sucka.

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