Mike Green’s New Ride

Caps fans are used to seeing Mike Green pull up to autograph sessions in his black Bentley Continental…

Or pose for Out Magazine standing next to his white Lamborghini Gallardo with dead bodies in the background….

But after leaving the game Saturday night in San Jose, apparently re-aggravating his groin injury, Mike Green has traded his stockpile of handsome sports cars for something much more practical and hired himself a personal driver. I think he really matched his personality well on this one.

– L.A.


2 responses to “Mike Green’s New Ride

  1. I feel like Mike Green just wants all the benefits of being a dc star without working hard on the ice. If he wasnt so flashy off ice then I might stop thinking he’s a total dick. Not anytime soon man

  2. What really gets me.. Is that I think that MG’s definition of “healthy” is bullshit. I mean, there has got to be a hundred players that are out on the ice, night after night, with broken/strained/pulled somethings, concussed and all, feeling like dog shit…putting it all out there for the team and the sport. Maybe he’s totally f’d up and I’m a dick (we know ones a lock), but I’m so sick of this shit.


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