What the hell happened?

I’m back.. I’m not sure who’s coming back with me – but I don’t care.

The ridiculous break came from a number of things – Mostly lack of motivation after members of THECAPSLOCK got drunk one night and decided to re-create some of the best scraps on HockeyFights.com. I personally was bludgened so bad that I left the country for two years and worked in hostile environments in an attempt to regain some sort of testicular fortitude. It did not work, but I got to do cool shit like this: helo

Lucky I wasn’t the only one.. one member of TCL went on to work as a cop in one of the most crime ridden cities in the country. I assume it’s to carry a gun around me anytime wants to now.



We missed a lot… and the sad part is we continued to ignore the fact that we had a perfect forum to cheer, complain, rant, rave, dick with, and spout whatever we wanted to with the beast that is the interwebz. Well… I’m going to pick it back up up from here.. and hopefully get back to the staggering numbers of almost 3 readers  trolling our page at least once a month.


4 – zippy to against LA last night. East Coast ride or die, player.



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