A tribute to DC’s favorite color commentator, Craig Laughlin, and the hilarious/bewildering expressions he uses on air.  Mr. Laughlin

in the mush – equivalent to “in the face”; Jack Hillen took that Ovechkin slapshot right in the mush; Stecks gives him a shove in the mush

snow snake – an imaginary creature that Lightning goalie Mike Smith apparently tripped over on 1/31/10; …as Smith trips over that snow snake allowing Laich to tap in an easy goal

kabong – the presumed noise made when either a player or the puck comes into contact with another player at a high rate of speed; Mike Green will continue to come across the middle and kabong people like he did Frolik; and the slapper from Ovie kabonged off of Drury’s leg

fourthiary – the 4th in a sequence, as in primary, secondary, tertiary, fourthiary; Backstrom with the goal, primary assist to Green, secondary to Ovechkin… tertiary to Poti and fourthiary to Varlamov [followed by a hearty laugh at his own word]

Sometimes his head just explodes….


6 responses to “Laughlinisms

  1. Howitzer: a slap shot, typically fired from the point, renown for its speed and accuracy. Also referred to as a “buzz bomb”.

    “Tom Poti just fired a howitzer through traffic that rang off the iron and out of play.”

    Dipsy Doo: a stickhandling move that a player performs resulting in an opposing player looking foolish.

    “Alexander Semin just dipsy doo’ed around Markov with his patented curl and drag and then came in alone on Halak and backhanded one under the crossbar top shelf where mommy hides the nutella.”

    Other Lockerisms include:
    – through the wickets
    – easy call for the linesman to make
    – twig
    – dropping the mittens

  2. Biscuit – Puck
    Basket – Goal

    “He puts the biscuit in the basket”

    Not original to Laughlin but one of his staples.

  3. GEMS. They are going up

  4. Coconotta/coconut- a players head… “Joe he took that one right off his coconota”

    Best in the business- self-explanatory
    “Joe that’s why Steckel’s out there taking the draw, he’s one of the best in the business”

  5. flamingo – a move made usually by a forward trying to play defense.
    “DJ King pulled a sort of flamingo down there. There’s one leg and there’s the other.” *see illustration*

  6. hold it here

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