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California Love

I’m back and I want to apologize (to whom you may ask? No one in particular) for my absence from TCL. Due to national security policy, I was “banned” from using any type of technology for 3 months. Long story, but it’s all good now. Really? No.

I’m gonna keep my post all related to tonight’s game as we know that we could write 300 pages on the past month or so. (eh hmm, Nastey Nate)

Some would say that this was a “fun” game to watch… and I would disagree. These are the scenarios that I would call “fun”:

*A Caps win by 4 plus goals. (extra fun if it’s against NYR, Pitt, TB etc.)

*Any Penguins loss… especially with these results

*Any game that involves full ice brawls

*A close, physical game that doesn’t end with the scoreboard looking like a football game.

Nothing is fun about your team allowing 6 goals. Nothing.

Anyway… I’m just gonna point out the highs and lows of the game… not that they weren’t obvious

Highs – A win against the West.

-Ovie goes five hole, while falling down on a beaut of a breakaway… thus increasing my girlfriends odds of having another hot dream about him (I’ve created a HOvechkin).

-I was totally pissed at Laich and Carlson for the first PP goal BUT…. Laich redeems himself by keeping his cool and tossing the puck in the net from point blank. Lesser gents would have bobbled the puck and been stuffed like a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving.

-Johansson corrals a somewhat off pass brilliantly and chucks it to the front of the crease. Semin gets the goal and if you watch the replay, it bounces off his gut and he smacks it into the net.

-Backstrom gets the Ducks 5th goal..  Good news for Socal residents : Participating Hooters gives out 5 free wings tonight… Thanks Nicki!

-Johnny draws blood. Tight.

-Knuble gets a bad ass breakaway goal .. shorthanded. Now stats won’t show shorthanded because he scored a second into being full strength, but the break was before hand.

-Semin looked fired up in the 3rd… gets his second goal of the night.

-And then his third… welcome back, Sir. My hat’s off to you… eh?? eh?? booyah.

 The lows.

-The Ducks score with 30 seconds left in the first. Unacfuckingceptable.

-Ovie got “Ovied” on the Ducks shorthanded goal in the second. Same goal, Neuvirth stands completely still and doesn’t attempt to stop the puck or anticipate the shot at all. Not sure what that was all about but I’m sure Varly was feeling a bit better about himself.

-Our defense looks awesome… totally.


 I don’t know why, but I think the way Matt Hendricks wears his bucket is awesome. Seriously.. this dude wears his helmet like he’s shitfaced. Also, I love watching Carlson push people around after the whistle] –  I’ve been to the Duck pond or whatever they are calling that joint now and if you think it was just the broadcast made it look tame, thats because it is.. I think the Californians are just too cool to lose thier shit and act a fool cause that place is like a library. – PS- Lemieux is a douche



Hats off

Most exciting game of the season? Maybe.

I won’t lie… I’m out here on the west coast so I woke up late, which ended up being the best thing I could have done.

First thing I did was grab my phone and found 5 different text messages from 5 different friends.. each one increasingly depressing..
“Sid’s making you guys look like jerks”…. “what the hell man??” all the way to the last one… “F**k this game”.

It took me a minute to even want to turn the TV on… but I did… amidst the second… down 4-1.
The last message I sent out to my pessimistic texters… “never say die”.

My game, went really well from then on…it just got better and better and next thing you know Ovie’s got a hat trick and we’re rolling into OT…. and finally the W turning out to be my favorite game of the season fo sho’.

Why my favorite game?
-Win over the Pens
-Win over the Pens who were prob sure they were going to dominate
-Any come back from 4-1 is tight.
-Ovies hat trick. Esp when Crosby is in town… thinking he’s gonna out preform The Gr8. I hope you remember him telling the officials box last year to make an announcement to stop throwing the hats…. if you haven’t… click here and laugh
-Jeff Schultz got an assist.


– I.C.