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Mike Green’s New Ride

Caps fans are used to seeing Mike Green pull up to autograph sessions in his black Bentley Continental…

Or pose for Out Magazine standing next to his white Lamborghini Gallardo with dead bodies in the background….

But after leaving the game Saturday night in San Jose, apparently re-aggravating his groin injury, Mike Green has traded his stockpile of handsome sports cars for something much more practical and hired himself a personal driver. I think he really matched his personality well on this one.

– L.A.


CAPS 4, Penguins 3 (SO)

We all said tonight’s game was “just another game.” The players said it (it only took two periods for one, Eric Belanger to admit that it was “fun” and a playoff-like atmosphere), coaches said it, and even as fans we said it. But we were just trying to kid ourselves. It was evident minutes into this match-up that tonight’s game between Washington and Pittsburgh was anything but. Here are a few notes/observations/mindless ramblings from the game:

  • Tom Poti, you are my boy, and you made up for it later on, but I wanted to lose my mind when that puck shot over the glass not two and a half minutes into the game. Luckily, “There ain’t no Poti like a DC Poti,” and I was only mad at you for the next 2 minutes.
  • Tomas Fleishmann’s tripping penalty in the latter half of the first saved a goal and preserved Theo’s incredible first period shutout after facing 17 shots in the first 20 minutes.
  • Mike Knuble may have unintentionally written some new lyrics to Shaq’s (in)famous freestyle on the first goal of the game – insert ‘Fleury’ for Kobe and ‘a**’ for ‘jock’. That was such a Mike Knuble goal, too. Step 1) Crash net. Step 2) Locate puck, even if 7 feet in air. 3) Put puck in net.
  • Of course, the answering goal a little over a minute later by Max Talbot is something that occurs way to often for my liking. Even a few casual fans (shout-out to my Pops) noted how the team often gives up a goal shortly after scoring one of our own.
  • While I’m being a constructive critic – is that even a real thing? – our first (and only – more on that later) powerplay did not look particularly sharp. Not a whole lot of time spent in our offensive zone in possession of the puck and at least one shorthanded opportunity arose for Pittsburgh.
  • I always love the intensity the boys bring to start the third period. They were firing a lot of shots at Fleury and hitting the Pens hard in those first couple of minutes.
  • Whoever taught Crosby to act must have a few Academy Awards under their belt. That head-tilt whiplash effect on the Jeff Schultz holding call sold Mr. Devorski’s crew as the hand didn’t go up until his thespian skills shined.
  • Semin’s shorthanded goal. What.Did.He.Do? I would have been happy with a simple clear there but the individual effort was unbelievable. That goal was dirtier than a Metro handrail. I keep checking the score sheet though – why wasn’t Crosby credited with an assist there?
  • The Belanger-to-Green-to-Fehr tip in was pretty to watch. I find myself saying that a lot about goals that Belanger assists on.
  • In the first two periods alone, I counted 5 missed calls by Mr. Devorski and his crew. There was a trip early in the first period, a slash on Ovechkin after the play midway through the first, a hook on Ovechkin about 5 minutes into the 2nd down in our defensive zone corner, a high stick on Fehr during a rebound opportunity, and a hook that incidentally led to the high sticking call against Semin. Kudos to your crew, Paul, I actually expected you ti miss more That said, I was impressed with out PK throughout the night (although up against an admittedly struggling Pittsburgh PP unit without Malkin).
  • Finally, I know our Player of the Game was Alexander Semin, but for the first time in theCAPSlock history (the whole 20 days or so) no player received a 3-to-1 or 4-to-0 vote for the award. Stick-taps go to two other players: Mike Knuble who had the first goal of the game and the last – his first career shoot-out goal (good call Bruce). Secondly – a goalie stick-tap to Jose Theodore as he made some amazing saves once again en route to a 39-save victory.
  • One final note – get well quickly Brooksie. It was good to win without you, but it’s better to win with you. Hats off to your streak of 257 consecutive games played.

– L.A.

Stars 4, Caps 3 (SO)

Forty minutes through tonight’s tilt you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thought the Stars had a chance with the way the Caps were playing. Well, things don’t always go according to plan. Marty Turco showed everyone why “hot goaltender” are the two scariest words in hockey.  The Stars were outshot 52-27, but managed to come away with a shootout win in the Nation’s capital.  Ultimately, the Stars refused to lay down, capitalized on 3rd-period power plays, and were able to hold off until the SO. The Caps came away with a point, and extended their lead in the Eastern Conference standings to 13 pts. Notes on the game:

-Alex Ovechkin looked strong early on. He was getting good shots on goal, and had several other opportunities despite Robidas’s best efforts. AO’s first tally came on a sizzling-wrister during the 2nd power-play. The Captain’s second goal, however, was just another example of how deadly he is. The goal itself was outstanding, but if you look at the opportunity Ovechkin had in the 1st period it becomes that much better. In the first stanza , AO flew down the left boards, and at the faceoff circle made a move to his left, around Robidas, took the puck to the net, and got a good scoring chance. Compare that footage to his 2nd goal, and you’ll see the rushes were virtually carbon copies up to the moment where Ovechkin made a lightning quick cut towards the slot, and deposited a perfect shot top shelf. Same location, same position, same defender trying to defend the same play, but Ovechkin adjusted magnificently and was rewarded with his 2nd goal of the night.

-The Caps seem to be much more effective on offense when Backstrom controls the puck more, and gains the offensive zone on his own. Too many times I saw the Caps attempt to pass it through a stacked blue line, only to give up possession, or simply have it dumped back the other way. Backstrom needs the puck on his stick to be most effective. He can generate time and space, and open up passing lanes, but he needs the puck to do so. Early on, the top line was getting hung-up just outside the offensive zone for that precise reason. I hate to bring his name up, but if you need evidence of what I’m talking about just watch Crosby take the zone all by himself routinely. Backstrom can do that too. It opens up lots of time and space, and this team will eat you alive if they get a lot of time and space.

-Penalty killing was pretty damn bad. The Caps have a good PK% at home, but it sure didn’t look like it tonight.

-Varlamov looked good through the first two periods. His positioning seemed sound, and he wasn’t over-pursuing in the crease. In the third period things kind of fell apart, and I can’t help but think about how he’s had that problem many times this season. That 3rd goal simply needs to be stopped. You can’t be a two-period goaltender and expect to keep getting starts, but given his recent injury I’m inclined to think that he’s just finding his groove again. The problem is we’re already 66 games into the regular season. Theo is the #1 right now, and I can’t see that changing if Varly doesn’t play a strong 60+ minutes every night.

-Is there a better defenseman at rushing the puck up single-handedly than Mike Green? I don’t think so, but at times it seems like he can’t really decide whether or not he really wants to. When that occurs, you get a lazy half-hearted attempt to gain the zone, usually followed by a turnover. Doing that seems to cause confusion amongst the forwards who aren’t sure if he’s going to dump the puck (so they can enter the zone), or if he’s going to try to get deep by himself (in which case a forward’s going to have to cover for him). When Green decides to rush the puck up the ice with speed, he seems unstoppable. Either go for it or don’t Greenie, but the indecision can result in some bad scenarios.

-John Carlson looked very good again. He had a couple issues in the first period with lazy first passes, or bad dump-ins, but on the whole I was impressed with him yet again. I don’t know why, but his pinch with about 10 minutes to go in the 3rd period to keep the puck-in really had me impressed. It was kind of in-between, but he made a quick decision, showed no signs of hesitation, and was able to keep the play alive. A couple good scoring chances resulted immediately followed. Subtle decisions like that can win tight hockey games. He also scores points with me for getting into it with notable NHL scumbag Steve Ott at the end of regulation.

-Semin finally returned from Vancouver. Him and Brooks Laich appear to have some really good chemistry together, especially when on the forecheck. Their shift in Overtime was excellent, and I’m very surprised that the Caps didn’t end it right there.

-There ain’t no Poti like a DC Poti (good goal)

-Quality assist by David Steckel on the Poti marker

-Awesome attempt by Semin in the shootout.

-Nasty Nate


So… this was a crazy awesome hit, but a tad dirty. I’m not gonna fight the review and suspension, but $81k is CRAZY. If you didn’t see it – here’s the hit. Magical.