Locker Room

After years of preparation and planning, an elaborate team has been formed to create the single greatest Washington Capitals fan blog of all time**.

We would like to formally welcome you to the CAPS lock.
By simply reading these words, you have locked yourself into TCL’s terms and conditions. I won’t bore you with the legalities and fine print, but I will sum up all the T&C’s with the following:

-You must now replace the number 8 with “Ovechkin”. For example, “Man I wish I didn’t have to go to work at Ovechkin30 in the morning. ”
-The words “P*ssy, bitch, wimp, crybaby, douche, etc. ” must now be replaced with either “Sidney” or “Crosby”
– If you come across a fellow TCL’er… the first one to name a current and complete line gets a round bought by the loser. In the event of a tie: hug it out and buy your own drinks, you cheap ass.

The page will be forever changing, but if you have any suggestions or ideas, shoot us an e-mail at Follow us on twitter if you dare @the_CAPS_lock  but not if you are a Sidney. It will hurt your feelings.

Name: Ian “T-Rex” Carey (@tclRex)
Age: 27
Fun Facts:While attending a home game the age of 10, Ian was convinced that his father was actually former CAPS goalie Jim Carey. Not strange for a 10 year old to have such wild thoughts, what was strange was the fact that his mother was the one who convinced him of such. Ever since, Ian has been on a coast to coast, red rockin’ run of terror visiting as many away venues as possible (currently 6).
View on Life: “When things are looking down, I always turn to an ice cold beer, and some hard core Daughtry.”

Johnny Smash

Name: Johnny Smash
Age: 26
Fun Facts:While attending the 2008-2009 home opener, Smash and a fellow CAPS lock contributor each consumed six Verizon Center 24 oz. beers which ended in an outrageous journey for the co-contributor which ultimately resulted in a broken leg. Smash has had the pleasure of watching a CAPS game from the Mayor’s box during the 2008-2009 season. Smash was also lucky enough to be handed a puck by a Mr. Olaf Kolzig when he was roughly 12 years old. Smash has since lost the puck.

Nasty NateName: Nasty Nate
Age: 25
Views on life: Win big, lose bigger.

Lester Averman
Name: Lester Averman 
Age: 25
Fun Facts: In games (home and away) Les has attended in the 2009-2010 season, the CAPS are 5-0-0 and have outscored opponents 22-10. Les once let the son of Mike Eagles borrow his Game Boy during a Chesapeake Chiefs game. Mr. Eagles offered a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin in return. Les politely declined.

Name: Fake Juice
Age: 27
Quote: “If ability is the poor man’s wealth, then I am very wealthy.”

** We don’t really know what we’re doing, just having some fun – it will be a while before we’re the greatest.


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