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Mike Green’s New Ride

Caps fans are used to seeing Mike Green pull up to autograph sessions in his black Bentley Continental…

Or pose for Out Magazine standing next to his white Lamborghini Gallardo with dead bodies in the background….

But after leaving the game Saturday night in San Jose, apparently re-aggravating his groin injury, Mike Green has traded his stockpile of handsome sports cars for something much more practical and hired himself a personal driver. I think he really matched his personality well on this one.

– L.A.


Physical Education

When the CAPS traded for D.J. King this offseason, I was pumped that a bruising physical presence was being added to the lineup. Like most fans I knew he likely would not contribute many points or even many minutes (relatively speaking) to the team, but I felt that the lack of an enforcer-type player last season needed to be addressed for the 2010/2011 campaign. (I’ll reference the February 13th incident involving Quintin Laing and Cam Janssen after Janssen hit Matt Bradley. Great to see Lainger step in for his teammate, but he wasn’t exactly the ideal candidate to square off with Janssen.) What has pleasantly surprised me though is that it hasn’t been just D.J. King (only two bouts thus far this year) dropping gloves and slinging more weight than Nate Newton, but the team as a whole seems to be playing with more of an edge than last season.

The CAPS engaged in just 21 fights last season, 20 in the regular season. Only the Red Wings (19) fought less as a team than Washington. Some may attribute this to good team discipline, not allowing themselves to be baited into giving their opponents any unnecessary momentum. The 12 fighting majors in just 18 games this season points to a more physical style of play that I feel will only help us down the road. Granted 4 of those 12 came in just one contest against New Jersey. Some highlights so far include:

  • Newly acquired Matt Hendricks leads the team with 4 fights. When the CAPS signed Hendricks this summer I admittedly knew little about the 29 year-old center. His career stats didn’t imply an immediate impact, but Hendricks’ blue-collar style of play has quickly made him one of my favorite players on the team.
  • Mike Green entered this year with one career NHL fight. He as already dropped the gloves (and helmet per Junior Hockey etiquette) twice this year. While his fighting style against Kovalchuk resembled a kitten batting at a ball of yarn who can also headlock someone, it’s good to see Greenie ready to throw down when necessary. Matt Bradley should open up a school for fighting on skates to help Green and Semin. Hell,I’d enroll in his inaugural class for sure.
  • Nicklas Backstrom has even thrown his frame around on the ice as of late, delivering a few checks against Tampa Bay’s Dominic Moore on Thursday night.
  • Tyler Sloan followed suit last night against the Thrashers, according to Steve Kolbe of Capitals Radio as I listened to his emphatic call of number 89 clearing out an opponent in front of Neuvirth.
  • Last and certainly not least, John Erskine and his mustache engaged in what some (Japers’ Rink; Puck Daddy) are calling the early Fight of the Year frontrunner with Eric Boulton of Atlanta. 

This style of play is awesome to see out of our team. As long as they keep breaking opponents’ faces and not their own hands I hope to see this continue well into our playoff-run in 2011.

– L.A.

Damn Kids…

Mr. Adam Kimelman hits up the youngins… No, not like pervo status.. check out ” Early Calder candidates..” and peep out our boyz.

I’m sure everyone is just as stoked as I am  on Carlson… but the net minder sitch is a bit concerning… BOTH of our goalies are young young young…. Young in age. Young in exp. Young in stats. True, Varly has seen some serious action with the playoffs AND winter games, but where’s that gotten us?  And sure, Neuvirth tore up the AHL.. but thats what it is.. the AHL.. The bottom line is, whoever looks good is gona play.. and we know both young stars have thier moments where they just tear shit apart… but we’ve also seen the other side. ugh.

Re: Max Talbot

Much has been said about Talbot’s comments about Alex Ovechkin in the last few days. Ovechkin said he read them and added “there is nothing to reply. A person can say all he wants. The ice will show everything.” – Puck Daddy

That pretty much sums it up. Christmas comes a little early this year folks. Only 153 more days.

– L.A.

2009-2010 President’s Trophy Winners

With the Colorado Avalanche’s 5-4 OT win over the San Jose Sharks, the Capitals have clinched the 2009-2010 President’s Trophy, and home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. Coming into this season Bruce had 4 goals in mind: 1). Win the division 2). win the conference, 3). Win the Presidents’ Trophy, and 4). Win the Stanley Cup. Three down, one to go. Congratulations boys, now let’s focus on the real season that lays ahead.

ESPN Players Poll

Straight out of the “Tell us something we don’t know” file, Alex Ovechkin was named the best player in the NHL by 64% of players polled. That figure jumps up to 73% of players who picked either Crosby or Ovechkin, which should serve as a further reminder to Pittsburgh fans everywhere that Crosby can’t hold Ovechkin’s jock. Here are the results:

1. Alex Ovechkin, Washington: 64 percent
2. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh: 24 percent
T3. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh; Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit: 4 percent
T5. Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit; Joe Thornton, San Jose: 2 percent

Other funny/interesting notes

-“Who has the hottest spouse?” which goes to Mike Fisher, who’s currently dating Carrie Underwood. Surprisingly, Sidney Crosby received some votes, due to his romantic link with Evgeni Malkin.*

-Bruce Boudreau was tied in 2nd place with Pittsburgh coach Dany Bylsma for smartest coach (with 16% a piece, behind Mike Babcock)

-The Verizon Center received 8% of the vote (T4th) for the “Worst Ice” honor. Give these guys some good ice (hopefully now that Ted Leonsis will own the Verizon Center), and you may see a boost in production.

-Chris Pronger checked in atop the “Dirtiest player” leaderboard with 22% Sean Avery coming in 2nd with 12% wasn’t a big surprise, but Ovechkin tying for 3rd “for his grabbing and hitting from behind” certainly elicited a “wtf?” reaction.

-Derek Boogard was voted as the best fighter in the league. Matt Bradley was inexplicably absent.

-Kerry Fraser was voted as the best referee, while Stephane Auger took home the “Worst Referee” title. An unnamed Eastern Conference center had this to say about Auger (aka Bert): “He’s terrible at everything. Nobody likes him.”

-The Capitals received only 14% of the vote when the players were asked “Who will win the Stanley Cup this year?” Behind Chicago (32%), Pittsburgh, and San Jose (both with 16%). The Penguins don’t have a win in 10 games against the Caps and Devils this year, but continue to be overrated by almost everybody, based on some “you have to beat the champions”, and “they just know how to win” fairy dust nonsense. They’ll be bounced in the 2nd round this year, bank on it.

*That may or may not have happened

-Nasty Nate

Congratulations to John Carlson

John Carlson's first career NHL goal at 2:12 in the 3rd period at the Carolina Hurricanes. (3/25/10)

– L.A.